TETHYS, stakeholder in the Belocopa project

TETHYS, stakeholder in the Belocopa project  02/15/2014

In order to provide a solution to the difficulties presented by operations to search for aircraft wreckage at sea, TETHYS, in partnership with two other SMEs from the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region (ACSA, the underwater GPS specialist, manufacturer of buoys and equipment  for transmission and sea searches, and ISEI, the specialist in onboard electronic systems for aircraft, mainly flight recorders), is currently working on the development of onboard equipment capable of locating aircraft having crashed into the sea and retrieving their flight data remotely, without the intervention of submarine means.

This project, supported by the Pégase competitiveness cluster, bears the name “Belocopa” (Buoy that can be Ejected to LOcate and COllect the flight Parameters of an Aircraft having crashed into the sea). It will help considerably reduce the cost of operations to search for aircraft wreckages at sea.

For example, campaigns to search for the AF 447 Rio-Paris flight off the coast of Brazil in 2009 cost over 30 million Euro.

This system will be operational over dozens of thousands of kilometers thanks to a satellite link.

It has endeavoured to meet the requirements of bodies such as the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) and the BEA (Bureau of Investigations and Analysis for civil aviation safety) and is already acclaimed by aircraft manufacturers.

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