The vast diversity of the applications handled by TETHYS® assures it multi-discipline experience to support new requirements, in particular those of the Industry and Aerospace sectors.

This diversity and the specific nature of the solutions that it is led to develop have made TETHYS® a recognised centre of excellence in the following fields:

  • Pyromechanical parametrisations
  • Operational-safety justification processes (reliability and safety) incorporating several technological disciplines
  • Complex-programme management processes, ranging from expression of needs to recurrent equipment production 

This expertise draws on the competencies of TETHYS® employees, combining expertise, experience and enthusiasm, and the willingness of the company to acquire modern and high-performing tools for technical design, experimental testing and manufacturing and control means, in return for substantial investment.

The expertise of TETHYS® is recognised both by its customers and by its industrial and institutional partners, which enables it to now consolidate its fields of activity and assure solid growth, to the benefit of the company's sustainability.

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