Research & development

The technical studies conducted by the TETHYS® R&D teams rely on powerful I.T. tools (CAD design, mechanical computing, internal ballistic computing, etc.) within secure, high-performance testing laboratories.

TETHYS® is thus able to conduct very high-level functional experiments, incorporating analysis methods and operational-safety studies indispensable to the development of pyrotechnics. It benefits from recognised experience on these tools.

A policy of proactive partnership

In order to maintain its high level of innovation and its technological edge, TETHYS® conducts research programmes with centres of innovation such as the Pegase aerospace cluster and the PACA maritime cluster, as well as with the French Ministry of Defence, via the French Directorate General of Armaments

TETHYS® is pursuing a proactive partnership policy with a network of manufacturers, laboratories and scientific experts, enabling it to broaden its services offer, incorporating multi-discipline technical solutions.

This strategy enables it to benefit from a wide spectrum of competencies built up over the course of the projects and supported by solid, lasting relations between the players of the sector.

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