The pyromechanics applications developed by TETHYS® in the field of aerospace concern civilian and military transportation aircraft, drones and helicopters.

The integration of pyrotechnic solutions into civilian aerospace is relatively recent. It has benefited from experience feedback on the solutions developed for Defence and industry.

This experience feedback has enabled TETHYS® to offer proven responses for aircraft safeguarding and rescue functions.

The specific characteristics of pyrotechnic equipment - compactness, power and operating safety - open up vast fields of application for this sector, principally in terms of security and safeguarding of aircraft.

Fields of application

Fire safety

Where fire safety is concerned, TETHYS® is principally involved in extinction systems for aircraft engines using products powered by gas generators.

Combining compactness, low maintenance and operating safety, this equipment represents innovative solutions for the implementation of alternatives to halogenated gas. 

Flight safety

The strength and compactness of pyrotechnic equipment enables TETHYS® to design energy generators based on pneumatic motors activated by hot-gas generators.

These emergency motors are capable of very rapidly providing the necessary power in order to overcome the failure of turbomachines subject to critical usage conditions.

Assisting emergency rescue in event of an accident

The locating of accident sites in hostile areas (mountains, deserts and oceans) is essential in order to enable emergency services to intervene rapidly and efficiently.

TETHYS® designs innovative solutions to automatically eject acoustic or radio beacons of persons and aircraft in distress, these systems being automatically triggered when critical flights are detected, and enabling the accident site to be located by accessing the flight data.

Auxiliary functions

Helicopters and drones are equipped with high-performance pyromechanisms dedicated to providing the functions of dropping ballast and beacons and disconnecting slings and hoist cables.

These functions are assured by pyrotechnic fasteners or cutters.

Aircraft are also equipped with inflatable, flexible structures, capable of providing the necessary buoyancy for machines landing on water or to damp accidental impact on the ground. These inflatable structures are activated by gas generators.


  • Cold-gas generators (GGF) 
  • Hot-gas generators (GGC)
  • Pyrotechnic cutters (SEPY)
  • Pyrotechnic fasteners (ATPY)
  • Automatic ejection systems (complex systems)
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Within the aerospace sector TETHYS® leads major security missions, drawing on innovative features, on both rotating machines and conventional cabins.