Domaine d'activité Défense

TETHYS® pyrotechnic systems assure multiple functions on weapons systems:

  • Separation
  • Release
  • Thrust
  • Ejection
  • Disconnection
  • Pressurisation

Fields of application

Marine applications

The TETHYS® marine applications concern surface ships and underwater vehicles:

  • Assistance with trajectography and buoyancy of marine and underwater decoys with modules incorporating several pyrotechnic functions for gas generation in an inflatable structure, halyard disconnection, separation of mechanical sub-assemblies, etc.
  • Control for underwater ejection of acoustic beacons and decoys with pyrotechnic valves
  • Fire-protection installation control with ballistic cartridges
  • Release of buoys, ballast, towed equipment, cables, etc. using pyrotechnic cutters and fasteners
  •  fasteners

Aerial applications

Aerial applications mainly concern auxiliary functions on missiles and drones:

  • Unlocking, opening and closing of missile container doors with hot-gas generators and pyrotechnic actuators
  • Electrical securing of missiles by means of pyrotechnic switches
  • Release of towed target by pyrotechnic cutters
  • Separation of mechanical structures with separable fasteners
  • Locating of accidentally submerged wreckages using a controlled distress-beacon ejection system
  • Assistance with aerial trajectography with inflatable, flexible structures
  • Beacon ejection control with hot- or cold-gas generators
  • Damping of accidental impact on the ground with inflatable flexible structures

Ground applications

Ground applications concern, most particularly:

  • Fire protection of combat vehicles, performed using hot- or cold-gas generators
  • Protection of drivers and sensitive vehicle equipment, by means of inflatable, flexible structures


  • Pyrotechnic cutters (SEPY)
  • Cold-gas generators (GGF)
  • Ballistic cartridges(COBA)
  • Pyrotechnic actuators (ACPY)
  • Electrical protection systems (complex systems)
  • Fire extinction systems for aircraft engines (complex systems)
  • Wreckage locating systems (complex systems)
  • Buoyancy modules (complex systems)
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TETHYS® is a recognised player in the Defence sector, for which it leads major programmes in the fields of ballistic and tactical missiles, torpedoes, submarines and air-towed targets.