The TETHYS® activity spectrum is extremely far-reaching and of a great variety.

It mainly hinges around safety - fire, persons, securities, property and processes - and around underwater applications.

Fields of application

Fire safety

Where fire safety is concerned, TETHYS® is principally involved in triggering systems for stationary installations to protect buildings and installations designed for civilian and industrial use, by means of ballistic cartridges and pyrotechnic actuators.

Within the field of material protection, notably for boats and ships, road and rail transportation vehicles and public-works vehicles, it is involved in systems designed to spray extinguishing products using hot- or cold-gas generators.

Safety of persons

Safety of persons covers a vast field of applications, notably:

  • The protection of passengers and professionals of the sea trades thanks to automatic life-vest or life-raft inflation systems   
  • The protection of industrial-vehicle drivers by means of dedicated airbag systems
  • The protection of motorcycle grand-prix drivers thanks to shoulder-level airbag protection. 

TETHYS® is also involved in medical applications, in particular systems offering needle-free injection of pharmaceutical products, functioning with hot-gas micro-generators.

Safety of securities and property

In terms of the safety of securities, TETHYS® is involved in systems to deter theft attempts in banks and during fund transportation, with these systems spraying banknotes with indelible ink using hot-gas generators.

TETHYS® also designs and develops systems to secure the land, rail and sea transportation of hazardous or high-value merchandise subject to accidental conditions, using pyrotechnic applications capable of locating them, neutralising them by inhibition, protecting them by "cocooning" and, if necessary, recovering them.

Safety of processes and installations

TETHYS® pyromechanisms and pyrotechnic devices provide solutions tailored to the securing requirements of industrial processes and high-risk facilities such as chemical cracking plants, units manufacturing highly energetic materials, nuclear power plants, power distribution networks and onshore and offshore oil facilities.

The main equipment implemented within this framework is the following:

  • The opening/closing of fluid circuits using ultra-rapid pyrotechnic valves
  • The emergency startup of generator units using gas generators 
  • The setting-in-motion of moving parts (flaps, valves, circuit breakers, short-circuiting devices, etc.) by means of pyrotechnic actuators
  • The release of mechanical assemblies using separable fasteners
  • The shearing of flexible or rigid connections by means of pyrotechnic cutters
  • The securing of electrical networks using pyrotechnic switches or short-circuiting devices

Underwater applications

TETHYS® develops underwater applications with Ifremer, the French research institute for exploitation of the sea, a reference in underwater technologies along with the Jamstec (Japan) and the Whoi (United States).

It notably contributed to the Ifremer's HROV (remotely operated vehicle), a hybrid robot that can be implemented remotely or autonomously, by designing a pyrotechnic disconnector functioning at a depth of 2,500 metres and assuring the cutting of the umbilical cable connecting the HROV to its control building, in the event of a critical situation.

TETHYS® is also currently developing a pyrotechnic fastener for Le Nautile, a submarine scaling to depths of up to 6,500 metres. The function of this type of fastener is to ensure the dropping of ballast and other equipment in the event of a critical situation, with a view to restoring the machine's positive buoyancy.


  • Pyrotechnic cutter (SEPY)
  • Ballistic cartridges (COBA)
  • Pyrotechnic valves normally open (VPNO)
  • Pyrotechnic valves normally closed (VPNF)
  • Pyrotechnic fasteners (ATPY)
    • Pyrotechnic links (MAPY)
    • Electrical protection systems (complex systems)
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TETHYS® is involved in extremely varied fields, ranging from fire safety and the safety of persons and securities, to the medical sector. Its field of application is unlimited.