Key Figures

Turnover Evolution

Since its creation in 2004,TETHYS has presented a steadily increasing rate of growth: + 10 - 20% on average per year.

In 2013, TETHYS® achieved a turnover of 2,480 million Euro, compared to 2.3 million in 2012.

Its 2014 TO is expected to exceed 3 million Euro.

TETHYS® activity is now divided almost equally (± 50/50%) between the civilian industry and Defence industry, with a steady increase in recent years in the civilian sector, and an ever wider opening internationally (15% of TO in 2013).

Boosted by a workforce of around twenty people, mostly engineers and managerial staff, TETHYS® dedicates 20 - 25% of its turnover, more than half of its own capital, to Research & Development, in order to consolidate its high level of technological expertise and performance. 

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