Tethys means

High-performing facilities

In response to its sustained growth, in 2009, TETHYS acquired specifically-studied, high-performance, modern premises (offices, laboratories and integration rooms), with a surface area of 850m², in the Signes, Var business zone.

With the field of application of industrial pyrotechnics benefiting from significant potential, a new expansion of the TETHYS facilities is planned for 2014/2015, with the tripling of the surface area of the premises.

A cutting-edge production tool 

TETHYS has the capacity to produce the most complex pyrotechnic equipment and systems.
Its installations incorporate:

  • A secure pyrotechnics laboratory comprising three test cells
  • An electronic laboratory
  • A specific storage cell
  • A production workshop incorporating four dedicated cells and ten secure workstations

According to the specific features of the markets addressed, the TETHYS production volume can vary from several parts to several thousand units.

Cutting-edge, complementary equipment

Thanks to its equipment at the cutting edge of technology, TETHYS is in a position to meet all pyromechanics-related needs, autonomously and independently.

For this it holds:

  • Secure pyrotechnic integration workshops
  • Mechanical-integration and electrical-control automata
  • Welding and marking lasers
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic presses
  • Specific loading tooling
  • Cells for the storage of pyrotechnic materials and components

High-performing control means

Thanks to its specifically dedicated control means, TETHYS develops and produces proven systems offering a high degree of reliability.
For this it holds:

  • Conventional metrology means, including a measuring column
  • Test and control benches for electro-pyrotechnic and electronic components
  • Tools for testing under pneumatic and hydraulic pressure
  • Sealing testing and control tools

High-accuracy testing tools

The testing tools with which TETHYS is equipped enable it to validate all operating-safety and technical parameters upstream of the marketing of its products.
Indeed it has at its disposal: 

  • Protected cells for pyrotechnic tests and a secure open-air firing area
  • An ultra-rapid video camera (up to 500,000 images/second)
  • Channels for the acquisition and processing of ultra-rapid physical measurements (pressure, impacts, speed and acceleration)
  • A climate simulation chamber from -60°C to + 150°C
  • Test equipment for pneumatic and hydraulic pressure up to 2,500 b
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