Who are we?

TETHYS produces complex systems and equipment, adapted to the most demanding of applications, in technological sectors necessitating very high levels of technical excellence and safety.
Its products are present worldwide.
The strength of its solutions draws on its technical excellence, its multi-discipline know-how and its capacity for innovation and the quality of its productions.

Technical excellence to support protection and safety

Created in 2004, TETHYS is specialised in the design, development and manufacturing of equipment and systems using pyrotechnic technologies, and more particularly pyromechanics, micromechanics and embedded electronics.
Its fields of intervention - civilian and military - are numerous and varied, ranging from sub-marine defence and on missiles, to medical applications, via the protection of property and persons, notably fire protection, the protection of industrial facilities, nuclear safety, etc. 

The most demanding fields of action

The competencies of TETHYS hinge around the following:

  • Safety of property and persons: fire protection, industrial processes (against chemical, nuclear and oil risks, etc.)
  • Critical functions: functional controls on Defence machinery and equipment, transportation vehicles, etc.

Regardless of the project envisaged and the environment in which it must be implemented, TETHYS has the capacity to create and manufacture exclusive, high-performance solutions, where applicable in hostile environments ranging from deep sea floors to extreme altitudes. 

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